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Ph.D Students

Leslie Chen
Synthesis and Defect Science and Engineering of Two-Dimensional Materials Siyi Cheng
Study of micro/nano structure fabrication methods for micro energy storage devices Xiang Gao
Reticular Metalation in Metal-Organic Frameworks for Nanocasting and Interface Construction

Zhongtao Wang
High Efficiency Wafer Scale Thermionic Energy Converters

Wenjun Yan
2D-Transition Metal Dichalcogenide-Based Aerogels for Gas Sensing Applications

Hu Long
Development of MEMS Based Low Power Gas Sensors

Peter Lobaccaro
Electrochemical Approaches to Renewable Energy

Lunet E. Luna
Growth and Characterization of Silicon Carbide Thin Films and Nanowires

Anna Harley-Trochimcyzk
Environmental Gas Sensing with High Surface Area Nanomaterials on a Low-Power Microfabricated Heater Platform

John Alper
Silicon and Silicon Carbide Nanowires: Synthesis, Characterization, Modification, and Application as Micro-Supercapacitor Electrodes

Yongkwan Kim
Fabrication and Characterization of Gecko-inspired Fibrillar Adhesive

Ye Tian
Wetting Properties of Coated Surfaces and Friction Properties of Polymer Composites

Shuang Wang
Ionogel Electrolyte for All Solid State Supercapacitor Applications

Ben Hsia
Materials Synthesis and Characterization for Micro-Supercapacitor Applications

Wenjuan Gou
Adhesion Force Measurement on Polycrystalline Silicon Surfaces in MEMS Devices

Greg Doerk
Synthesis, Characterization, and Integration of Silicon Nanowires for Nanosystems Technology

Fang Liu
Surface Engineering of Micro- and Nano-electromechanical systems (M/NEMS) and Materials Development for High Performance M/NEMSBrian Bush
The Role of Chemical Modification and Nanostructuring on Adhesion in MicrosystemsNoelle Arellano
Silicon Nanowire Based Electromechanical Systems (co-advised by Roger T. Howe)Christopher Roper
Silicon Carbide Thin Films via LPCVD for MEMS and NEMS (co-advised by Roger T. Howe)

Calvin DaRosa 
Catalyst Deposition for Microreactors Using Galvanic Displacement (co-advised by Enrique Iglesia)

Jingchun Zhang
Silicon Carbide and Diamond Materials Development for MEMS and NEMS (co-advised by Roger T. Howe)

Teris Liu
Microfabricated “Lab-on-a-chip” Analysis System (co-advised by Richard Mathies)

Di Gao
Silicon Carbide Technology for MEMS and NEMS Applications (co-advised by Roger T. Howe)

W. Robert Ashurst
Surface Engineering for MEMS Reliability (also alumnus postdoctoral fellow)

Mike Houston
Surface Treatments for Adhesion Reduction in Polysilicon Micromechanical Devices

Jon Kluth
Structure and Stability of Surface Passivation Layers on Semiconductor Materials

Postdoctoral Fellows

Master’s Students Visiting Scholars Undergraduate Researchers

Dung-Sheng Tsai

Arthur Montazeri

Sinem Ortaboy
Functionalized Semiconducting Nanowires for Electrochemical Energy Storage

Won Seok (Lucas) Chi
Direct Formation of Pore-Controllable Mesoporous SnO2 for Gas Sensing Applications

Chuan-Pei Lee
Metal Oxide-Decorated Silicon Carbide Nanowires Electrode for Applications in Electrochemical Energy Storage

Albert Gutés
Decoration of Graphene with Metal Nanoparticles for Sensing Applications

Mohammad (Kamran) Shavezipur
Harsh Environment Micro- and Nano-Systems and Development of Micro-instruments to Study High Temperature Surface Phenomena

Maxime Vincent
High Temperature Silicon Carbide Metallization

Ian Laboriante
Tribology and Surface Engineering of M/NEMS Materials and Devices

Dae Ho Lee
Friction and Adhesion of bioinspired nanostructures

Nicola Ferralis
Synthesis and Characterization of Epitaxial Graphene from Silicon Carbide for Electronic and Sensing Applications; Surface Alloying of Gold Microparticles on Silicon Surfaces and During Growth of Silicon Nanowires

Frank DelRio
Low-temperature MEMS TechnologyMarta Cerruti
Chemical Sensing using Functionalized Cantilevers and Quartz-Micro Balance, and Pt Nanoclusters Fabrication and Application as CatalystsJoelle Frechette
Investigation of Wear in MEMSYuko Ueno
Characterizations of Diamondoid Molecules and Thin-films

Conrad Stoldt
Novel Surface Coatings and Structural Materials for MEMS; Surface Science of C60 and SiC Thin Films

Muthu Wijesundara
Low-temperature Growth, Doping and Metallization of SiC for MEMS Applications

Hyuneui Lim
Surface Modification of InP-based MEMS

Michaela Fritz
Surface Modification of Silicon: Understanding and Controlling Interfacial Forces in Microdevices

Sang Han
Surface Passivation Chemistry of Ge

Myung Mo Sung
Modification Using Self-Assembled Monolayers

An Ting Yang
Gas Sensing with Metal-Organic FrameworksRaphael Brechbühler
Si Nanowire Solar Cells with Integrated Supercapacitive StorageCarmen Iten
Gecko-Inspired Surfaces for Medical Adhesive UseCandy Chang
Sol-Gel Processing of YSZ for High-Temperature Supercapacitor ApplicationsNassim Farrokhzad
Modeling and Development of Gecko-Inspired AdhesivesWei-Cheng Lien
Porous and Epitaxial 3C-SiC Thin Films Technology for Micro-electromechanical Systems and Electronics Applications
Melitta Hon
Corrosion of Polysilicon MEMS under High Relative Humidity and Actuation VoltageElizabeth Parker
Surface Modifications of Si-based MEMS DevicesMike Pullon
Molecular Dynamics Simulation of Hydrogen Adsorption on Si(100)Kim Cheung
Novel Materials for High Temp Microreactors (co-advised by Enrique Iglesia)Rajan Kukreja
Characterization of Poly-crystalline Silicon-Germanium Alloys for MEMS Applications
Ying Li
Synthesis, Characterization, and Application of MOFsPing Cheng
Close-gap Thermionic Energy Converters for Direct Heat to Electricity Conversion Hai Liu
Self-Assembled Monolayer Coatings for Graphene Growth Yuan Gao
Metal Oxide-Coated Carbonized-Silicon Nanowires as High-Performance Micro-SupercapacitorsShuo Chen
SiC Micro Electrical Mechanical Systems for Harsh Environment ApplicationsHuda Al Gharagooli
Post-Processing of SiC Thin Films using PECVD and Excimer Laser AnnealingMarco Tocchio
3D Nanoporous Graphene on Electroplated NickelNicolas Miani
Transparent Conductive Oxides for PhotovoltaicsAlessandro Piotto
Synthesis of Indium Phosphide for Thin Film PhotovoltaicsDario Pigliofreddo
Deposition of Graphene on Electrodeposited RutheniumAndrea Oriani
Indium Phosphide Electrodeposition for Thin Film PhotovoltaicsNovella Ballarin
Electrochemical Etching of SiC and Applications to MEMS DevicesAnahit Raygani
Electrodeposition of Indium Phosphide Thin Films for Solar CellsJunqin Zhang
Silicon Carbide Microsystems Technology for Harsh Environment Sensing
Guohua Li
MEMS Reliability and TribologyYuko Kani-Hino
Silicon Carbide Sensors for Harsh Environment ApplicationsMarta Fernandez
Catalyst-grown Si Nanowires for the Fabrication of Ultra-High Performance Nanoelectromechanical SystemsYifeng Chen 
Silicon Carbide Thin Films for M/NEMS and Electronics ApplicationsStefano Fissolo 
Functionalization of Epitaxial Graphene with Organic MoleculesBahman Vasheghani Farahani
Intermacromolecular Interactions, Polymer Metal Complexes, Polymer Characterization, Microencapsulation, NanotechnologyFarzaneh Hosseinpour Rajabi
Thermodynamic, Electrochemical and Viscometric Studies on Polymer-Polymer Interactions and Formation of Interpolymer Complexes, Nanotechnology Complexes, NanotechnologyGwiy-Sang Chung
Silicon Carbide Technology for MEMSAlessandro Veneroni
Silicon Carbide Multiscale Reactor ModelingIlaria Lombardi
Template-Assisted Growth of Inorganic NanostructuresGuohua Xu
Conducting Self Assembled Layers for MEMS Anti-stictionGianluca Valente
Silicon Carbide Deposition Modeling through Quantum Mechanical Calculation for the Estimation of the Adsorbtion Kinetics of the Precursor on the SurfaceLuca Magagnin
Deposition of Cu and Au on Silicon, integration of metals in MEMS technology
Samuel He
Justin Cheng
Ryan Yao
Neel Raman
Ameya Rao
Jethro Tannos
Sandy He
Ju Kyung Choi
Gina Zaghi
Makato Lalwani
Ernest Chen
Zizhou “Joe” Zhao
Nisha Mair
Mun Sek Kim
Yunsie Chung
Robert Claus
Jennie Zheng
Aman Agrawala
Angela Tsao
Joe Trisnadi
Phoebe Tengdin
Brian Lee
Akshita Dutta
Maxwell Fisch
Jiawen Hwang
Francesca Limanto
Anton Suwandi
Amir Payamipour
Rosanna Lim
Charles Dhong
Karthick Murugappan
Mengwen Zhang
Gabriella Lestari
Carolina Li
Nicholas Yiu
Qi Zuo
Chris Leksono
Jason Daniel Evans
Edgar Felipe Garay
Jason Kawasaki
Brent Rich
Katherine Stapleton
Victor Chan
Gail Hernandez
Justin Opatkiewicz
Connie Chung
Nicolas Londono
Christina Lee
Selene Koo
Ajay Kshatriya
Usmam bin Habib al Paki
Anna Remennik
Siswanto Sutanto
Amol Upadhye
Christina Yau
Oranna Yauw
Erfan Gunawan
Chia Wen