Joining Our Group

The Maboudian Lab is deeply committed to UC Berkeley’s Principles of Community. Our group strives to foster a culture of open-mindedness, compassion, and inclusiveness, and welcomes members from diverse cultures, backgrounds, and life experiences. We seek interested and motivated researchers to join our group. Our research lies at the intersection of several disciplines: material science, surface/interfacial science, micro/nanotechnology, energy and environmental science and engineering. We encourage prospective group members to apply from any related discipline, following the application procedures described below.   Postdoctoral Researchers Please contact Prof. Maboudian directly about joining our lab. Prospective postdoctoral researchers are strongly encouraged to identify potential extramural postdoctoral funding and work with Prof. Maboudian to submit a research proposal. Graduate Training Graduate students who have been admitted to UC Berkeley and are interested in our group are welcome to contact Prof. Maboudian regarding possible opportunities. Undergraduate Students Please contact Prof. Maboudian directly about volunteering in our lab. Please contact your department for information about getting credit for research.